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Different Loads on a Structure

Before designing any structure or the different elements such as beams and columns, one has to first determine the various natural and man-made loads acting on them.These loads on a structure may be due to the following: Mass and gravitational effect, examples are dead loads, imposed loads, snow, ice and earth loads and hydraulic pressure.… Continue reading Different Loads on a Structure

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Reinforced Concrete Structural Forms

Structural design is an art of selection of the most suitable system for a given structure. The arrangement of beams and columns to support the vertical (gravity) loads and the selection of a suitable structural system to resist the horizontal (lateral) loads pose a great challenge to the structural engineer, as these factors will determine… Continue reading Reinforced Concrete Structural Forms

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Mix Proportioning of Concrete

The following data is required for concrete mix proportioning of a particular grade of concrete: Exposure conditions of the structure under consideration (see table 3 of IS 456:2000). Grade designation – The minimum grade of concrete to be designed for the type of exposure condition under consideration (see table 3 and table 5 of IS… Continue reading Mix Proportioning of Concrete