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Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive tests are used to find the strength of existing concrete elements. Half-cell electrical potential method to detect the corrosion potential of reinforcing bars in concrete. Schmidt/Rebound hammer test to evaluate the surface hardness of concrete. Carbonation depth measurement test to determine whether moisture has reached the depth of the reinforcing bars, thereby leading to… Continue reading Non-destructive Testing

Building Materials · concrete

Types of Concrete

There are many types of concrete designed to suit variety of purposes and depends on range of composition, finishing and performance characteristics. Some of the common types of concrete are: Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) – It is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory, based on standardized mix designs and then delivered… Continue reading Types of Concrete

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Admixtures are the materials that are added to concrete immediately before or during mixing in order to improve the properties of concrete. Admixtures are used for several purposes such as to increase the flow-ability of fresh concrete, obtain high strength through lowering w/c ratio, retard or accelerate time of initial setting, increase freeze thaw resistance,… Continue reading Admixtures